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2014-2017. Hakkasan Shanghai Bund, China. 

Hakkasan was established in 2001, where they have measured the success of their first Chinese style restaurant in London. They were awarded their first Michelin star in 2003.

Facing a growing demand, they developed further into the USA, London, Asia and are going to enter the South Asian market with their upcoming restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2017.

We have been providing Hakkasan in Shanghai with additional supply of furniture and continue to collaborate with the interior designer, GBRH to insure timely maintenance when required.

2015. Yauatcha London City, UK. 

Yauatcha  is a famous restaurant chain, a branch of the Hakkasan Group. They opened their first Yauatcha, Hakkasan's little sister in London in 2004. Following the great success of the Chinese Dim Sum restaurant, and with their first Michelin star awarded a year after their opening, they developed further in India and The Middle East. 

After 11 years of operation, they decided to refresh their concept and retained the services of Infocus-Spider to assist the designer GBRH to develop furniture set. 

Once development was completed, Infocus-Spider oversaw the production in Shanghai and have managed the final installation in London. 

Yauatcha City London was opened in May 2015. 

2016. Value Retail Shanghai, China. 

Value Retail PLC specializes in the development and operation of luxury outlet shopping villages in Europe and China. 

We have been honored to manufacture the furniture for The Value Retail Shanghai public spaces, office spaces and VIP area, including the CEO's personal furniture. We have been working closely  with a Shanghai based French Designer from the design concept stage, to the development of the 3D renderings, through until approvals before production. 

We were required to offer the highest quality materials, leather from Italy and fabric from The Netherlands. 

We assured the production standards, and the on site installation. 

2017. Hakkasan Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Hakkasan Jakarta was designed by a French designer from the GBRH studio in Paris. All of the furniture was specifically designed and custom made for the project. Hakkasan in Jakarta will open in 2017. Coming soon. 

Founded in 1766 by James Christie, the famous auction brand decided to open their first salesroom in mainland China, Shanghai. ​

The project team in charge of the Chisties development in China chose us over others in order to guarantee their salesroom matched the extraordinary art they sell. 

In close coordination with the designers, we insured the technical development, production and complete installation in 2014. 

2014-2016. Christies Shanghai Rockbund, Beijing, China.

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